Sunday, 7 February 2016

Draft article

This month's 'Human Error' sees the up and coming alternative prodigy Christopher Ely, or as you'll be seeing on adverts and billboards in a couple of years time, 'Random Access music.' This interview will illustrate to you the sheer level of genius that this mind possess. We'll be taking a trip through some of background in the subsequent articles across the rest of this months issue, for now, music.

So, do you prefer Christopher or Chris?
"Well i actually prefer being called 'guy' or 'dude' as they are just general terms for people. I think the world as a whole would benefit greatly if we stopped trying to label everything and just took a step back, to see what really matters in life."

So how does this philosophy affect your music in your eyes?
"From my perspective, i don't think i could give you a complete answer, because for me it isn't a philosophy, its how i think, so its not as if i made my music, and then afterwards looked at it and changed it around to fit with what i feel. It affects my music at every stage. Overall, i guess it has made it easy for me to justify messing around with all different genres and instruments. So if you listen to my new e.p you'll notice that all the songs together sound quite ... chaotic *laughter*"

Well i have to say, i did notice a slight lack of continuity shall we say?
"thats a better of putting it i guess *laughter.* i'm flattered that you took the time to listen to it though."

So, you won't confine yourself to only one genre of music?
"No, thats why i love this resurgence of 'indie' music, its just so broad and all encompassing. I can call 'R.A.M' an Indie or Alternative band and that allows doors to remain open that would have been closed to me had i labelled it an 'electronica' band or something else to that effect. I think theres a lot of not very good electronica music out there, so people are almost afraid to listen to it but 'indie' for some reason makes people more comfortable with new and often quite bizarre songs."

Can you talk me through your choice of song names?
"Of course, well i decided on a latin theme because i don't think people realise how many of our modern day words are taken directly from latin. 'alibi', 'alter ego', 'agenda' are all very common words that come directly from latin and we think nothing of it. To add a word to this directory would be such an achievement, because although my involvement would not be able to be confirmed or measured, i feel it would create a legacy. To be the instrument of deep cultural change would be unimaginable."

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