Thursday, 7 April 2016

Evaluation Question 7

One of the major skills that I learned from the preliminary task was basic photoshop etiquette. Having never used photoshop before, it was quite the steep learning curve. Simple things such as selecting layers instead of clicking on an image or text and which tools to use for what eventually became very intuitive. If it wasn’t for the preliminary task, I would have spent a large percentage of my time just trying to work out how to do things which would have restricted how creative I could have been.
The second thing that I learned from the preliminary task was not to use such a blank cover or contents page. There is a big difference between minimalist and blank, not only was my preliminary task blank (devoid of any decent page furniture) but where I tried to fill in empty spaces and add interesting features, it came out looking tacky and unprofessional.

Thirdly, I learned which poses look bad and managed to find a pose that looked good based off my preliminary cover. The main difference between the pose on my preliminary cover and the pose on my final cover is the artist tilting his body away from the camera slightly instead of directly into the lens, this makes the artist seem more natural and also gives off a feeling of discontent or angst which would subconsciously be reciprocated in my target audience, allowing them to associate themselves with the artist more easily. Without the preliminary task I would have spent more time taking photos of my artist in positions that I thought would look good (facing the camera directly) and would have not come out with a decent image of my artist doing a suitable pose. This would most certainly have left my magazine looking worse off.

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