Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Audience profile- UK tribes

The main group or 'tribe' that i will be focusing my magazine around is the 'Scenesters.' This is because they generally lead the trend when it comes to music and fashion etc. I want my magazine (and subsequently the band featured) to be in some way alternative, but not just alternative in the way that all indie music is 'alternative,' but different in a way that is new and fresh. If i manage to find some way to be original then it will not appeal to a mainstream audience on its own. So i must first make my product desirable to the 'tribes' that root out new and fresh fashion, brands and music so that they can then present it to more mainstream groups such as Young alternatives until it finally reaches the 'Trendies' or 'mainstream.'

This is essentially a journey that a brand or cultural product must go through if it does not have the money or support necessary to get straight into the mainstream, to get into the mainstream. It also makes it easier to point out a specific target audience as i am aiming to have my product viewed by the 'scenester' crowd who are a very select group of trend predictors and setters.

This 'tribe' is very music oriented and constantly looking for new bands but also new ways of discovering them. They usually attend small gigs or festivals that are in their 'adolescence' and are yet to reach corporate stardom like festivals such as Glastonbury which started as a small 'hippie' gathering of 1 500 people, reading festival began as a jazz festival. Point being that the small, unsponsored festivals that this tribe frequents will one day likely evolve into larger mainstream cultural events. So targeting these events would most likely result in a devout scenester following of my magazine.

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